ON-NET Mobile X - Mobile and Landline

Converged Communications


ON-NET Mobile-X is the perfect solution for all companies looking to combine mobile and fixed networks together

You’ll get landline numbers, as well as our mobile numbers, altogether on a SIM.

And there’s no need for a phone line to be installed anywhere.

We can even ported your existing mobile numbers to Mobile-X, so older customers can stay in touch.

You can even have a national number as your main company line that rings all our phones. So with Mobile-X you can share calls and voicemails across the whole team.

No matter where you are, you’ll never miss a call.

And best of all you’ll only get one bill for both mobile and landline.

ON-NET Mobile X uses a single SIM which roams across EE, VODAFONE AND 02 to provide the best coverage, so literally you will never miss a call!